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Codependency Conqueror

Break the cycle of deep insecurity, people-pleasing and loving toxic, narcissistic men for good, all based on your trauma type.

CONGRATS on joining Reverse Recovery!

If you're like most of the women who join us, then I want to ask you this question...

Are you sick and tired of:

  1. Struggling with men who treat you like crap over and over again
  2. Giving into their sweet sweet words only to be blindsided by their sudden heartlessness...
  3. Feeling, and I quote from other women just like you, "not good enough and broken"?

If you are, then Codependency Conqueror will help give you back control over your life and escape the codependency trap once and for all.

So that you can STOP trying to make things work again and again with men who ultimately disappoint you and make you feel like an utter failure. 

Inside, I give you a step-by-step framework that uses subconscious behavior modification, habit formation and rapid healing strategies to help you finally gain control over your love life.

We will be reprograming your mind for a strong core confident identity.

Follow this system exactly, and in a week's time...

... you'll notice that you're calmer, more courageous and in control. 

You'll noticed that you've stopped feeling "not good enough," you'll demand true respect for yourself from yours kids, family, friends and colleagues.

You'll feel like you're winning in life again.

Or, as I like to call it, unfuckwithable. You can and will no longer be fucked with.

See How Women Have Felt With My Techniques:

I promise, NO one else is diving into the Relationship Trauma Types like this right now...

... and NO one else has been able to lay it out like we do.

Everything in the Codependency Conqueror is condensed and can be finished in 4 hours, but you can go however fast or slow you want.

Plus, it’s completely guaranteed.

I stand by my work, and want nothing more than to help you thrive.

I've sold the very steps in this program for US$3,000 before...

BUT you can get the entire system for just US$47


For less than the cost of a one hour therapy session, you’ll save months, maybe even YEARS of agony trying to fix your love life.

Plus, two amazing bonuses to help you with your healing:

  1. The Codependency Free Roadmap

    This will act as your guide to link the Reverse Recovery and Codependency Conqueror System.

    It’s always good to know where you are in your healing journey, and this will help you stay the course and always know your next steps.
  2. Codependency Free Roadmap Call with me, Cherlyn

    I personally want to help you kickstart your healing journey, so you get a call with me directly. 

    This alone is easily 5x the price of the Codependency Conqueror System, but I'm giving my best to you straight away because nobody has time to wait on a man-child or douche canoe!


You're Fully Protected with Our 30-Day Success Guarantee*


I stand by my work and only want to see you get success.

If you follow Codependency Conqueror exactly and you don't feel more confident, at peace and in full belief that you'll be able to attract and keep your dream man, then ask me for a refund within 30 days and you’ll get it!

*Same participation conditions as Reverse Recovery apply and are disclosed at the bottom of this page

Comments from Real Women Going Through Codependency Conqueror: