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The Reverse Recovery VIP

Work directly with us on a private VIP call & duplicate our best recovery strategy for your Trauma Type so you can supercharge your healing journey from a selfish, toxic ex.

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We'll work with you one-on-one in a private call, to make sure that the Reverse Recovery truly works for you.

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Here’s what you will get on this call:

1) A deep dive analysis into your Relationship Trauma Type (that’s the result you get when you take our signature Relationship Trauma Type Assessment in the Reverse Recovery)

2) You’ll get clear insights on what’s preventing you from success

3) You’ll be able to duplicate your own proven actionable strategy into your life. This ensures you get a WIN so you feel great about yourself asap. 

You’ll be able to know WHY you connect and hurt so deeply with toxic men, finally getting the answers that years of therapy couldn’t give youYou will now easily recognize painful patterns that keep you stuck, something that self-help books couldn’t help you with.And of course, how exactly to confidently combat your unique relationship trauma type with action from the Reverse Recovery course, and not talk about feelings to death.This is the exact same system that we use for our own private clients and here’s what they have to say.

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See, the one thing that our professional women want is to actually see real positive change. They want to see it, feel it, experience it.They want to actually get shit done, fast.The end of a relationship with a narcissistic man is always messy, painful and most of time, a huge mindfuck. That’s why you need strategy and that’s why you need action. This is a “business plan” put on a very emotional problem so you can get to your healing goals at full speed.Our clients are smart business and career women, and they know that in order to get shit done, having a specialist guide them through gets results, fast.————So this is how it works:First, once you get this VIP upgrade, you’ll book your one-on-one VIP call with us. Then you’ll take the assessment, get your result, get on that call with us and we’ll help you understand yourself on a much deeper level and the way you love, connect, and feel safe with toxic men, and how we can help you undo this so you’re on the way to freedom and getting your confidence back.As a special treat, just scroll down and you’ll see free samples of these calls with real women.Remember, this offer is only on this page only, if you miss it, you miss it and we’ll never offer our personal help at such a low price ever again.So check out our free call samples, click the button below to upgrade your membership to VIP and you’ll be booking your first VIP call with us asap.Your life changes from this day onwards and we’re so excited to help you win in life and love again.I’ll see you on the other side!

See How Women Have Felt With My Techniques:

I promise, NO one else is diving into the Relationship Trauma Types like this right now...

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Everything in the Codependency Conqueror is condensed and can be finished in 4 hours, but you can go however fast or slow you want.

Plus, it’s completely guaranteed.

I stand by my work, and want nothing more than to help you thrive.

I've sold the very steps in this program for US$3,000 before...

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For less than the cost of a one hour therapy session, you’ll save months, maybe even YEARS of agony trying to fix your love life.

Plus, two amazing bonuses to help you with your healing:

  1. The Codependency Free Roadmap

    This will act as your guide to link the Reverse Recovery and Codependency Conqueror System.

    It’s always good to know where you are in your healing journey, and this will help you stay the course and always know your next steps.
  2. Codependency Free Roadmap Call with me, Cherlyn

    I personally want to help you kickstart your healing journey, so you get a call with me directly. 

    This alone is easily 5x the price of the Codependency Conqueror System, but I'm giving my best to you straight away because nobody has time to wait on a man-child or douche canoe!


You're Fully Protected with Our 30-Day Success Guarantee*


I stand by my work and only want to see you get success.

If you follow Codependency Conqueror exactly and you don't feel more confident, at peace and in full belief that you'll be able to attract and keep your dream man, then ask me for a refund within 30 days and you’ll get it!

*Same participation conditions as Reverse Recovery apply and are disclosed at the bottom of this page

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