Do you know your

Relationship Trauma Type?

Healing from a hurtful breakup can be hard. 

Discover your unique relationship trauma type so that you can:

...understand why you feel the way you feel...

...heal from hurtful, selfish exes...

...and get out of toxicity for good.


The Relationship Trauma Type Assessment consists of questions that combine data from leading psychologists with data collected from speaking to over 4,000 women on the Steps to Happyness platform.

We look at your Trauma Type in CONTEXT, that is, in the circumstances surrounding a toxic relationship with a man who was very hurtful to you.

We know the kind of pain that results from unrequited love, the chaos that ensues, and of course, the heartbreak that seems to go on forever.

The result? Something you can really relate to, that takes in account your unique beliefs and tendencies.


Blue Fawn, or #bluefawn

White Fawn, or #whitefawn

Red Fawn, or #redfawn

Pink Flight, or #pinkflight

Double Fawn, or #doublefawn

Deep Blue Fawn, or #deepbluefawn

Deep White Fawn, or #deepwhitefawn

Deep Red Fawn, or #deepredfawn

Deep Pink Flight, or #deeppinkflight

When you receive your Trauma Type, it'll be broken down for you:

e.g. if you receive the #deepwhitefawn trauma type, you'll get an analysis of "Deep," "White" and "Fawn". Same for "Double" and "Fawn" in #doublefawn.

Why the hashtags?

We'll be inviting you to join our FREE Get Over Him Facebook Group after, where we want to start a CONVERSATION around your trauma type. The more you get out all these secret, shameful things that you feel, the less power it has over you.

No more meandering about trying to figure out why you feel the way you feel, we want to give you your specific Trauma Type so you can start healing and start LIVING.

Created by Cherlyn Chong Kelly:

Cherlyn is a trauma and breakup recovery specialist for smart professional women who want to get over the ex completely and love fearlessly again. She helps women supercharge their recovery process, break toxic relationship cycles forever AND find the confidence to get back out there again.

In addition to being an advisor for Elite Daily, she has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Bustle, Mindbodygreen, The Huffington Post, Upworthy, Thought Catalog and Lifehack.