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Book Your 1-1 Recovery Success Call With Cherlyn Before You Exit The Page

I'm so excited to help you heal and laugh away the fuckery of the ex!

Now here's the thing...

I can give you all the hypnotherapies I have, and every single healing strategy I've developed over 7 years that I know 100% works better than any therapist…

… and it still might not work…

… if you don’t take action.

In fact, 90% of self-paced courses, self-help books and yes, even hypnotherapies fail because nothing gets implemented.

So how can I make sure you take action?


By making sure you have a rock-solid recovery strategy that will lead you from "people-pleaser" to confident, strong and whole again.

SPECIFICALLY for your Relationship Trauma Type.

Yes, if your ex was narcissistic, emotionally immature and downright toxic, you have a Relationship Trauma Type.

After helping thousands of professional women with relationship trauma, the STRATEGY, not the “talking it out” nonsense, is where your success lies.

This is why I invest my time in personally chatting with you (yes! one-on-one!).

During this call, we’ll:

  1. Quickly dive into your Relationship Trauma Type
  2. Give you your personalized roadmap forward
  3. Correct anything that’s not effective to your healing

To make sure you get the results you want, it’s essential to give you a success path specific to you.

To make sure you get the results you want, we need to have this conversation with you.

Pretend that you just paid $1,000 for what you just bought… because I know it’s easily worth that.

If you just paid $1k, your mindset and attitude would be…. I NEED THIS TO WORK.

I need to get everything I can out of this investment.

So… if you just paid $1k (in your mind) and you NEED this to work… your first step is to book yourself in for a Recovery call immediately.

I’m a real human, and yes, I will be directly talking to you, not some other specialist.

But I just have 1 condition before you book this call:

Please be serious about doing what it takes to live your best life free from the toxicity of the ex.

If you don't have a growth mindset, if you're OK to scrape by and live a low quality life, then this call will not be for you.

This is for success-focused women who are driven in life, and see so much value in bettering themselves...

... so that they can have the best life and best relationships with their kids and eventually attract an amazing man.

If that's you... come book your call!

I can’t wait to give you the best path to being an unfuckwithable woman!

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WARNING: Members who skip this call get 53% less results compared to members who jump onto the call because those members hit the ground running and know exactly what to do. Maximize your investment and book your Recovery Success call now.