Laugh Your Breakup or Divorce Away with the

Laugh Your Breakup or Divorce Away with the



Sometimes a girl's just gotta let out her inner savage

Cherlyn can be seen on:

Cherlyn can be seen on:

When my ex broke up with me for the 4th time, I was determined to get over him the fastest way I could.

I mean, this was a guy who told me he loved me, wanted to marry me and was so passionate at the beginning... 

... only to leave me utterly disappointed.

I felt like I had wasted so much time. I felt like I just couldn't win in love.

But despite the crippling sadness, I was done.

See, I was someone who liked to laugh, and I wanted that back.

I wanted to smile again, to feel good without a care in the world.

I wanted that old me back.

So I started making fun of everything.

Not in a disrespectful manner, of course.

I just started being really bold and cheeky around people and by myself.

And oh my goodness, that made the weight on my chest so much easier to bear.

Especially when I had to read my ex's emails and texts asking for yet another favor, another chance.

Or deal with his social media.

And soon, I was no longer waking up in the morning feeling that loss of him.

And when I became a hypnotherapist, I thought, why not sass things up?

Why not share this precious humor that had helped me so much?

And so the Sassy Recovery Hypnotherapy Library was born.

It's an online audio library filled with 20+ original science-based and binaural beat hypnotherapies crafted to heal and melt away the nonsense of... 

... emotionally immature...

... anxiety-provoking...

... hot and cold...

and all-around difficult exes who still get to you.

And of course, any other emotional vampires who just drain you dry.

Enough of boring, woo-woo hypnotherapies telling you to just breathe.

Sometimes, a girl's just gotta get her sassy on.

Inhale the sass, out with the rest.

Listen to 20+ science-based + Binaural Beat hypnotherapies to Laugh & Soothe away a rough day Dealing with the ex


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Here's What's Inside

This Treasure Trove of Sassy Hypnotherapies

The Savage Section

  • The Sassy Lady Mindset (Sass Meter 8)
    - Be a Sassy Lady
    - Be a Confident Lady
    - Be a Cool Lady
    - Be a Boss Lady
  • When Triggered by the Ex (Sass Meter 8)
    - Heal the Hurt
    - Stop Thinking of Him
    - Narc-Free
    - Not Today, Voldemort!
  • When You Just Need to Let It Out in General (Sass Meter 10)
    - *Beep* That
    - Zen as *Beep*
    - My Cat Makes Better Decisions
    - Let the Reckoning Commence
    - I'm Slaying This Divorce
    - What the Flamin' Cow?
  • When People Are Being Difficult (Sass Meter 6)
    - Dragon's Breath to Set the Nonsense Aflame
    - Oh No You Didn't
    - I Cannot Even
    - Nope, Nope, Nope!
    - Hope Karma Has High Heels When She Kicks

The Healing Section

  • Peace and Calm
    - Instant Calm & Inner Peace
    - Drifting Into Sleep
    - Water Flow Method
    - All Peter Pans Go Home (Sass Meter 8)
  • Anxiety-Free
    - This Too Shall Pass
    - Feel the Anxiety Melting Off
    - Unspool The Threads of Anxiety
  • Binaural Beats River Flow (No voice)
  • Binaural Beats Ocean Waves (No voice)
  • Binaural Beats Mystical Forest (No voice)

Bonus: The ASMR Section

  • Gentle Whispers AMSR
  • Jewelry Clinking AMSR
  • Reading a Good Book AMSR
  • The Hummingbird Calls AMSR
  • Water Drops in a Magical Cave AMSR
  • When the Cat Purrs AMSR

and even more coming in Nov-Dec 2022!


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Laugh + Feel the Stress Melt Away


Here's Why Laughter Is A Girl's Best Medicine...

As long as I remember, I've always loved to laugh.

And when that got taken away from me, I knew that I had to do what it took to get my humor back.

It brings me such joy to be able to bring a smile to your face with my hypnotherapy library, because indeed, laughter is the best therapy. When you laugh, your immune system is strengthened, your mood is improved and even your physical pain is reduced.

Nothing else works better or quicker to release the stress of the ex than good, full body laugh, after all.


Laughter relaxes the entire body.

Physical tension and stress can be relieved by a good, hearty laugh, leaving your muscles loose and relaxed for up to 45 minutes. It's YOGA time, baby!


Laughter releases the body's natural endorphins. 

These are feel-good chemicals that promote well-being and relieve physical pain temporarily. Soon you'll bouncing around spreading sunshine and love to all (or maybe that's the caffeine.)


Laughter takes the weight off anger.

There's nothing that diffuses anger and frustration faster than shared laughter. Suddenly, problems don't seem so bad and you're able to let go without wanting to stab somebody.

And what are Binaural Beats?

When you hear two tones that are slightly different in frequency — one through each ear — your brain processes a beat that is the difference of these frequencies.

So if you hear a sound that's 102 Hz in your left ear, and a sound that is 114 in your right ear, you would hear a tone at 12 Hz (in addition to the two sounds.) 

Binaural beats help you attain the same mental state as meditation practice, just much faster.

Binaural beats are said to:

  • relieve anxiety
  • boost focus and concentration
  • reduce stress
  • increase relaxation
  • promote mental positivity
  • encourage creativity
  • ease physical pain


You're Fully Protected with Our 30-Day Laughter Guarantee*


I know I can add immense value to your life, and unlike your ex, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

I guarantee that if you go through all the hypnotherapy audios in the library, you will feel the stress significantly ebbing away.

Of course, we’re aiming far more than that, but I want to do as much as possible so that signing up to the Sassy Recovery Hypnotherapy Library is a complete no-brainer.

*Participation conditions apply and are disclosed at bottom of this page.

Hi, I'm Cherlyn Chong Kelly

When I was getting over my angry, hurtful ex in 2015, I realized that I couldn't do healing the "normal way" anymore. Like many success-focused professional women, I needed a way out... FAST.

I KNEW I wanted to smile again. Find JOY in things again.

So what better way to heal a breakup than to just let loose and laugh?

The Sassy Recovery Hypnotherapy Library is lovingly crafted to deliver to you what was crucial to my healing—the power of taking your life back, with full humor and ferocity.

Let's get your sassy on.


3 Magical Bonuses to Supercharge Your Healing

We want YOU to get incredible results, so we're adding these 3 extra bonuses to help you add magic to your healing journey.

  1. The ASMR Music and Sounds - Deeply satisfying, tingly and pleasant sounds of cat purrs, hummingbird calls and water drops to soothe and relax you.
  2. The Magical Holiday Sass Collection - The to-go hypnotherapy collection when you want to stand up for yourself during the holidays.
  3. The Challenge - A Step-by-Step Depression Recovery Plan eBook by J. Milanoff, a regular guy who reversed the effects of depression and went viral.